Intro is born!

So it begins the grand gaming adventure awaits!

For years now I have played video games, enjoyed them, got frustrated with them and at times let my imagination run wild with them but I have always felt compelled to do more. Behind the scenes I created this website and meshed it together with a whole lot of plugins, add-ons a bit of science and a whole lot of luck, till I got to a happy place and felt as those it was more or less complete. The only problem with this was that I was to scared to take the next step and create actual content that people may read and have an opinion on but to no avail I have decided finally to push past this horrible black curtain and step out into the shallow light of a dark dingy back ally gig that I call home, here at

It does leave me wandering what gaming genre to go for next or which game to play, perhaps we will head to space and follow Project Genom or perhaps keep our feet firmly planted on a earth and just carve out our own name in Crowfall but I am sure I will endeavour to take this journey along side you all in game, via a video or two or just perhaps I will ink my opinion right here.

I for now will call myself Strider6000, your author, fellow gamer and dad of 2 beautiful young girls. I hope that you may follow my journey through life’s ups and downs and just maybe we will both get through to the end, battle scared and weary but with a barrel load of good memory’s that out weigh the rotten apples (unless they make good cider :P).

So for now I bid you all adieu until we meet again.

Best Regards


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