Discord Server Up and Running!

If you have recently been visiting our site you may have noticed the new Discord widget in the right hand sidebar.

I have set up a Discord server for us to be able to chat and have fun while in-game. Please take the time to join when you can. Here is the link to it.

I will continue to update the thread on the forum, when I update the server with new features or when a member is promoted.

As of now these are the current features:

  •    General Chat.
  •    Voice Chat.
  •    Experience levels provided by Mee6 Bot. (The more you talk and get involved the more you xp and gain levels. At key levels you will achieve a new rank and new permissions.)
  •    Twitch Streamer alerts. (Stream on twitch? Let me know and I will get you added so people will be alerted to your stream going live)


Thank you for taking them time to read this, see you in discord.

Best Regards



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